The Player’s Gear

– A helmet

– Long boots and knee guards to protect the legs when riding off or if hit by a mallet

– Gloves to protect the hands

The Mallet

– The bamboo mallet, used to hit the ball, is about 51 inches long.

– The wooden head is put on at a 77.5 degree angle so that it will lie flat on the ground when hitting the ball.

The Ball

– The wooden ball, 10 inches in circumference, is struck by the side of the mallet.

Indoor or Arena polo uses an inflated ball, which looks like a small soccer football. Because an Arena is smaller than an outdoor polo ground, this makes it safer in a confined space. It is leather covered with a circumference of 14.5 inches.

The Polo Pony’s Gear

Polo is played using an English type saddle. There is an overgirth in addition to the regular girth to keep the saddle from slipping.

Side reins, which are sometimes used, extended from the girth through the bridle rings to the rider’s hands to give better control, which is an important safety precaution when the horses are travelling at high speed.

Leg bandages are used to protect the lower legs of the pony, and tail is wrapped to keep it from tangling in mallet strokes. The left side of the pony is called the near side, the right side is called the off side.